Forté Moisture/Weight Measurement Systems measure moisture and weight of the entire product - bales, cartons or smaller units. The entire production batch is measured and recorded with the 2000 and 8000 Series systems, or just samples of batches can be measured with the 4000 and 7000 Series systems. The Forté method is fast, simple and extremely accurate. A non-destructive, harmless, electromagnetic field permeates the entire product, without contact. 

Forté Systems instantly calculate, display, and record the true percentage of moisture. The weight, moisture, and bale tracking information are stored in the Forté computer. All of the information can be shared with plant wide computers, displayed, and/or stored for future viewing.  All new Forté systems are programmed to archive data for 2 years, which can be queried at any time. The moisture information can be used for quality control and to increase profits. Quality control wise, an even moisture distribution can help prevent sheet breaks in pulp systems or evenly distribute dye in textile products. When the exact moisture is known, customers are always shipped products that meet their needs.  A customer will complain if they receive a product with too high moisture however they will not complain if the product is dryer than expected. Therefore, if there are not any customer complaints, product is being given away. In addition, the Forté system allows commercial invoices, labels and bar codes to be printed automatically from the system.

  "Can you afford not to own a Forté system?  A system where the return on investment is months, not years".

Products and Solutions
Series 8000

Pulp Systems
The 8000 Series is integrated onto the Pulp Bale Press.  The Forté system automatically determines the %Air-Dry and weight of each bale of paper-pulp in real time.

Series 7000
Moisture/Weight Measurement of Individual Packages
The 7000 series is a tabletop moisture and weight analyzer for testing individual items such as
Textile Yarn, Food, Cones, Skeins, Tops, Bumps, Loose Fiber, etc.
Series 4000

Table Top Measurement of Small Samples
The 4000 Series is a low cost moisture and weight analyzer for sample testing of small products. 
The most common industries for this Forté system are the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical.

Series 2000

Conveyor Line Measurement for Bales, Cartons and Rolls
The 2000 Series is integrated around a conveyor for Textile, Tobacco, Dissolving Pulp and Rubber products.  The Forté system automatically determines the %Moisture Content and weight of each bale, carton, or roll of product in real time.      

Typical Forté System Configuration

New and Improved Forté System Series:
Series 6000

Molded Pulp and Balls of Hand-Knitting Yarn.
The new and improved 6000 Series consists of a special cell-mounted on a console for Molded Pulp or Hand Knitting Yarn to determine moisture and basis weight of each sample.

Contact Forté for detailed information.
Series 5000

Handheld Device for Measuring Moisture.
The 5000 Series is a hand held unit to measure moisture when an automated system is not feasible. 
The 5000 Series Systems are in their final stages of testing.

Contact Forté for detailed information.

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