The Forté 4000 Series weighs small samples and computes the moisture content and of a variety of different products. This series is Fortè’s low cost, compact line of moisture and weight measurement equipment.

The Forté 4000 accurately measures the moisture content of samples of granular, powder, pellet or solid material non-destructively and within one second.


Yarn Carton
Forté Series 4610 for testing of pharmaceuticals, seeds, dehydrated
food, snack foods, chemicals.

Handheld Terminal

Why Measure Moisture?

An instantaneous, accurate weight and moisture content increases product quality, decreases product loss due to rejects, and frees up personnel to work on other projects.

Other moisture analyzing methods take hours, destroy the sample, require highly trained personnel, are not as accurate and cost a lot more than a Fortè system.

The Fortè 4000 Series has a field proven record for accurately testing nuts, both in and out of shell, pharmaceuticals, seeds, dehydrated foods, snack foods, chemicals and a wide variety of other materials. References can be furnished upon request. The Forté 4000 will increase your productivity and pay for itself. Contact Fortè today to determine how quickly you could see a return on your investment.

Nuts - In and Out of Shell

Why Measure Moisture?

Forté instantly and accurately determines moisture content by using a harmless electromagnetic field that passes through the product. The Forté measurement is not a surface measurement. It “sees” 100% of the product sample. The measurement is taken in one second or less without contact, heat, or damage to the product.


Product Capabilities

Rapid Measurement (1 Second or Less)
  • Non-Destructive Test
  • Automatic Temperature Sensor
  • No Zero or Span Adjustments
  • No Sample Preparation
  • No Heating of Samples


Dehydrated Foods

Sample Sizes: Two Cells: 5 to 50 g (0.18 oz to 1.76 oz) and
50 to 500 g (1.76 oz to 17.64 oz).
Products: Selected by typing a 2 Product Code 
Files: 99 Product Type Files
Memory: Non-Volatile Memory
Output: RS-232 Output Port
Power: 115V, 60Hz. 2A or 220 to 230V, 50Hz. 1A

  • Data Printer
  • Database Connection
  • Output to MS Excel/Access for Analysis of Data

Benefits of Forté Series 4000 Moisture/Weight Measurement System
  • Improves quality
  • Reduces product loss from bad batches
  • Measures moisture in real-time - not hours later
  • Reduces testing and production labor
  • Ideal for ISO product qualification
  • Small, light weight, and portable
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