The Forté Series 2000 is an inline moisture and weight measurement system for textiles, pulp rolls, rubber, tobacco, and other products that are shipped in bale, carton, or pallet form.

Main Application shows real time bale
placement, weight and % AD

Why Measure Moisture?

Accurate moisture determination has a direct effect not only on quality, but also on invoicing and bottom line profits.

Why Use a Forté System?

Other moisture analyzing methods take hours to complete, destroy the sample, require highly trained personnel, are not as accurate, and/or cost a lot more than a Forté Moisture Measurement System.

Forté determines the average moisture content of your product in less than one second. But for bales of fiber, sometimes that’s not enough. This is why we have developed our Wet Layer System to work in conjunction with our main Test Cell.

Option Wet Layer Systems
(click image to enlarge)

A line graph which portrays the %MR, Weight, %CV,
or Forte number for the last 40 bales.
(click image to enlarge)

How Does the Forté System Work?

The secret of each Forté System is in its electrode sensor and signal generator. The Forté Test Cell electrode, which is mounted astride your existing conveyor, passes a harmless, low frequency electromagnetic field through the entire mass of your product – not just the surface.

Forté Provides All of the Information You Need

The data that Forté collects is stored on the Forté computer and can be output to a mill-wide information system. The user interface is configurable as are the periodic reports which can be generated automatically.


Forté Systems are Flexible and Affordable

Forté designs and installs complete systems for any type of mill configuration. We provide 100% sampling and the direct means to improve both yield and quality. A Forté System is the key to precise accounting for every bit of material that is produced in your mill. The typical Return on Investment is measured in months rather than years.

Advantages of the Forté Series 8000 Pulp Moisture/Weight Measurement System

Optional Wet Layer Systems
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  • Measure Moisture in Real Time, Not Hours Later
  • Improve Accuracy by 100% Sampling
  • Eliminate Sampling Error and Waste
  • Maximize Invoicing Weight without Risk of Customer Complaints
  • Optimize Drying Function - Save Energy
  • Reduce Testing and Production Labor
  • Improve Quality
  • Provides Accurate Production Records
  • Archive and Print Production Data Records

Product Capabilities

Moisture Measurement:
  • Instantaneous and Non-destructive

Wet Layer Options:
  • Provides %MR and CV by layer
  • Determine location of Wet/Dry Layers
  • Number of Layers is Configurable
  • Large Character, On-screen Weight & % Air-Dry
  • Multi Language Capabilities
  • User Configurable Bale and Lot Data
  • Customizable Finishing Line Schematic
Software Application:
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • Expandable
  • Trends Graphing

Data Output:
  • Existing Printer
  • Mill-wide Information System
  • Label Printer
  • Remote Display of Profile Data

Product Identification:
  • Time and Date
  • Assigns Serial and Unit/Lot Numbers
  • Weight: Gross, Net, Invoice, etc.
  • Moisture Content: % Air-Dry, % Regain
  • Optional Quality Data

Alarms/Out of Limit:
  • Two Tier Alarms: Warning and Reject
  • Wet/Dry
  • Heavy/Light

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