The Forté 7000 and 6000 Series are designed specifically for measuring the moisture and weight of textile yarns in the form of Cones, Bobbins, Skeins, Tops, Bumps, Loose Fiber, etc. The 7000 Series test cell is vertical as shown in the standard desktop model. The 6000 series test cell is horizontal.

Standard Desktop Model

Why Measure Moisture?

Accurate moisture determination has a direct effect not only on quality, but also on invoicing and bottom line profits.

Why Use a Forté System?

Other moisture analyzing methods take hours to complete, destroy the sample, require highly trained personnel, are not as accurate, and/or cost a lot more than a Forté Moisture Measurement System.

Forté is not a surface measurement. It “sees” 100% of the product sample. The measurement is taken in one second or less without contact, heat, or damage to the product. With a Forté System, more samples can be tested which leads to better control of production and the fibers can be billed at the maximum rate. At the same time, your customers’ will benefit by knowing they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

Main Application
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How Does the Forté System Work?

The secret of each Forté System is in its electrode sensors and signal generator.  The electrodes are contained within the two sides of the Forté Test Cell.  The signal generator passes a harmless, low frequency electromagnetic field through the entire mass of your product – not just the surface.

Forté Provides All of the Information You Need

The Forté System can be used for inventory and quality control by providing comprehensive, up-to-the-minute moisture/weight measurement for management information systems. Summaries are readily available by package, lot, period, shift and day. These summaries include all of the vital information and can be viewed, printed and saved. All of the information is saved in the Forté computer for 2 years and can be easily searched and accessed.

Forté Systems are Flexible and Affordable

Forté Custom designs complete systems specifically for your product. We provide the direct means to improve both yield and quality. A Forté System is the key to quality control and increased billing on higher quality product.

Advantages of the Forté Series 7000 Pulp Moisture/Weight Measurement System

Kings Chair has rollers to ease
and protect products as it enters the cell
  • Provides immediate and accurate moisture/weight measurements
  • Allows testing of a large number of samples in less time
  • Eliminates product waste and sampling errors in the laboratory
  • Displays ISO verification data automatically
  • Easy to operate by production workers
  • Calculates and prints moisture content, commercial weight data, and time stamp

Product Capabilities

Moisture Measurement:
  • Large Character, On-screen Weight & % Air-Dry
  • Instantaneous and Non-destructive
  • Large Character, On-screen Weight & % Air-Dry
  • Multi Language Capabilities
  • User Configurable Product and Lot Data

Fiber types:
  • Natural, Synthetic, and Blends

Software Application:
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • Expandable
  • Trends Graphing

Data output:
  • ASCII RS-232C, Serial, SQL Share, store, and/or print

Data inputs:
  • Special programming available

Calculates and Records:
  • Moisture Content, Moisture Regain, % Air-Dry, % Bone Dry
  • Commercial Weight
  • Time and Data
  • Serial and Lot Number
  • Stock

  • Lot, Package
  • Period, Shift, Day

Alarms/Out of Limit:
  • Two Tier Alarms: Warning and Reject
  • Wet/Dry
  • Heavy/Light

  • Vertical or Horizontal Test cell

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