Forté’s mission is to be the global leader in accurate moisture measurement, and with innovative solutions, improve the productivity and profitability of paper pulp and textile manufacturers around the world.

In the mid-1950’s, a Boston textile company named Forté Cashmere decided that they needed to know the moisture content of the cashmere that they sold. They dried samples, just like all of their competitors, but understood that a sample might not be representative of the entire bale. Since cashmere is such an expensive fiber, they realized that they needed a better method. They developed a capacitance-based system that would calculate the moisture content of each entire bale that they produced.

The Moisture Measurement System that they developed was soon sold to Kingsbury Technology, Inc. In 1976, three employees of Kingsbury, spun off a new company to focus solely on moisture measurement. Hence, Forté Technology, Inc. was founded.

Today, Forté is located in South Easton, MA, about 20 miles south of Boston. We still specialize in moisture measurement, but have expanded into other industries such as:

-Paper Pulp -Synthetic Rubber

-Food Products

-Nuts in Shell




-Candy/Dried Fruits

Over the years, technology has improved and Forté has taken advantage of this. Our R&D department continually tests new hardware components and upgrades them so that they function at optimum performance. Our software engineers have designed the user interface to be completely configurable. We have added many diagnostic features to both our hardware and software applications and we have added graphing and reporting capabilities for use by both Operations and Management personnel.

Perhaps most important, though, is that we still build our systems to last. It is not unusual to find a Forté System that was installed 20 to 25 years ago still operating at a mill. In fact, there are still a few systems out there that are approaching 40 years of age.

These days, many companies build things to break. Not Forté. We still use the same high quality materials that we did 50 years ago and we build our systems to withstand a heavy industrial environment. Our reputation for high quality is extremely important to us and we do not want to do anything to jeopardize that.

8000 Series -- Online Systems for Pulp

7000/6000 Series -- Floor or Table top Systems

4000 Series -- Compact Systems for Food and Pharmaceutical

2000 Series -- Online Systems for Textiles

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