Glass fiber is used in the automotive, marine, wind energy, construction, electrical, sporting goods, and many other markets.  These varied markets have different requirements of their glass fiber.  One of the requirements that change is the moisture content.  The standard procedure used to determine moisture content is the laboratory oven test.  Many hours pass before the moisture content can be calculated.  If the results come back that the product was produced with too high of a moisture content, raw material and time has been wasted.  If the product is sold to a customer, complaints are inevitable.

Forté Industry Solution
Forté glass fiber systems are available in multiple configurations for measuring pirns and spools of roving.  Instant test results with harmless, CE-approved test.  Forté’s 2000 Series can be used to measure moisture online, or a 7000 Series system can be used to measure individual packages. 

The 2000 Series is automatic and measures 100% of every package of fiberglass on the conveyor. The 7000 Series system measurement is just about as easy. A sample is placed onto the Forté system, and with 2 clicks of a mouse, weight and Forté numbers are displayed. The whole process takes seconds. Each spinning position can be tested.  Each different type of fiber glass has a Forté Index (number range) that is determined during installation. If the displayed Forté number is within the range, the glass fiber passes the inspection. If the Forté number is not within the specified range, the product is rejected. If the moisture content is out of specification, immediate adjustments can be made to the manufacturing process. 

Quicker moisture measurements mean less wasted raw material and time.  It also means a more consistent quality product. Overall, this leads to a greater profit for the manufacturer.
The Forté system also keeps records of every item measured for a minimum of 2 years. The records can remain on the Forté computer or be shared with anyone within the plant. These records are often used for ISO 9000 verification.

No other method of moisture measurement is as fast, easy to use, and non-destructive of the sample. Manufacturers have told Forté personnel that their customers requested they start using a Forté system in order to improve the quality of their glass fiber.

Forté 2790
Rovings being measured in a
Forté 2000 Series

Letter of Recommendation from Glass Fiber Industry

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