In the Textile Industry moisture measurements are made primarily for determining commercial weight. This is based on the amount of moisture in bales of fiber, cones, bobbins, tops, bumps, hanks and skeins. Other applications are in Quality Control and to aid moisture control in dye houses.

Many manufacturers of textile and fiber products such as spinners, dyers of yarn, carpet manufacturers, wool combers and top makers are using conventional manual testing methods to determine moisture content of raw materials. This method is costly and generates inaccurate results. Conventional tests are made only on a small sample removed from the product being tested. These samples are usually not representative of the entire product.

Usually with incorrect moisture information, the supplier of textile materials believes incorrectly that the material is wetter than it actually is. This results in a commercial weight which is too low, and lost profits.

Dyers of yarn need to have better control over moisture content during the dyeing process to avoid over-dried yarn, incorrect colors, weight loss and mildew.

Forté Industry Solution
Forté Technology has designed moisture measurement systems for the specific needs of spinners, wool combers, scourers, dyers of yarn and other textile manufacturers. Forté Systems measure moisture for entire bales of fiber automatically "online", thereby eliminating laboratory testing by providing automatic "online" moisture data instead of testing samples. Most recently, the Forté non-destructive method for measuring moisture became the only accepted electronic method for the measurement of wool bales in international commerce.
(IWTO Spec. 41)
Forté 2790
Staple Fiber being measured in a
Forté 2000 Series

By knowing the actual moisture of the incoming yarn and controlling the moisture during the dyeing process, manufacturers will be able to achieve greater dyeing efficiency.
No other method of moisture measurement is as fast, thorough and accurate. Forté systems calculate maximum invoice weights quickly and precisely. With Forté Textile Moisture/Weight Measuring Systems you can increase yield, stop 'invisible' loss, and ensure proper fiber weight.

Forté Systems accomplish this in one second or less by means of a harmless electromagnetic field which passes through 100% of your product without contact. Forté Systems now have the CE Mark of approval in the European Community. This method is now used by textile, fiber and related manufacturers in more than 40 countries. A Forté System increases yield, productivity, quality and profits. It pays for itself in a few months.

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