SQL Databases
As of the beginning of 2008, all Forté systems switched to Microsoft SQL servers.  SQL has become the standard tool for database management around the world.  An official international SQL standard has been adopted and expanded twice.  Prior to 2008 Forté Technology used Microsoft Jet 4.0 (Microsoft Access).  What does this mean to you?   

  • Easier networking capabilities
  • Provides ODBC (open data base connectivity)
  • Familiar screens and formats
  • Query capabilities (results in seconds)
  • Multiple Views of Data (Separate users can view different information at the same time.)
  • Large storage capability

Sheet Counter
Forté Technology has introduced a new method for sheet counting.  This new method was designed by Forté engineers with decades of installation experience.  The new sheet counter does not rely on any 3rd party drivers.  It is custom designed by Forté to allow real- time drop control and is easy to configure to any system. The new sheet counter is compatible with most older systems.  Call Forté Technology today if you would like to add sheet counting to your application.

Wet Layer Option for 2000 Series

Forté Technology has engineered a new product which allows you to see where the wet layers are located in a package.  The standard 2000 Series calculates the average moisture content for the entire bale, carton, pallet, etc….  The moisture content of each bale is generally sufficient information for a mill.  A few customers asked Forté if it was possible to determine if there were wet layers within each bale.  If the wet layers did exist, where were they located?  Wet layers are a particular problem for bales of viscose.  The average moisture of the bale may be within the limits, but if a couple layers were over the moisture limit, the bale should be rejected.  If this bale is sold, the customer will complain.  Forté accepted the challenge and engineered the Wet Layer System.  The Wet Layer System is used in conjunction with the standard 2000 Series system.  The Wet Layer System works similarly to the standard system.  The system is online, non-destructive, and virtually instantaneous.  The hardware is very similar, except the second set of electrodes is smaller.  The electrodes can be aligned horizontally or vertically depending upon the orientation of the layers in the bale.  The measurements are made by the sensor assembly. 

Output is displayed in numeric and bar graph form. The Cv (coefficient of variation) is also calculated per layer and bale.  The color of the bar from each layer is set to change color if the moisture is too high or low for a quick visual message of a problem.  Forté Technology’s products are customer driven.  We are always looking to exceed your expectations so you can exceed your customer’s expectations.

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