In the Synthetic Rubber Industry the use of Forté Systems for quality control has become widely accepted. Wet bales of synthetic rubber are eliminated, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, fewer complaints and improved Banbury mixing.
Usually there is moisture in bales of synthetic rubber when produced, causing poor subsequent mixing and other difficulties. High moisture bales are hard to detect with conventional methods during the production process. Conventional (manual) laboratory tests are conducted only on a small sample removed from the bale. Wet bales may escape detection because not every bale is sampled. In addition, neither the appearance of the bale nor infrared methods provides a dependable indication of high moisture content.
Forte 2791
Forté 2000 Series testing an
entire bale of rubber.

As a result, high moisture bales are often shipped to manufacturers resulting in complaints, reduced production and loss of profits.

Forté Industry Solution

Forté Technology is the World Leader in measuring bales of rubber. The Forté Rubber Moisture/Weight Measuring System was specifically designed for measuring entire bales of rubber automatically, "on-line" as they go down a conveyor line. Forté Systems assures quality control, maintain complete production records and increase through-put. Moisture trend data allows better dryer control with more consistency and shorter mixing time cycles. Manufactures can minimize the average moisture content to obtain maximum production without exceeding acceptable limits on the percentage of rejects. Forté Systems allow synthetic rubber producers to reduce laboratory test cost by using on-line measurement data instead of manual sample testing.

Forté Systems provide rubber producers with production information, which allows them to control the entire process. Every bale, pallet or lot can be recorded with its actual moisture and invoiced with its actual weight.

Forté also offers custom-programming for warehousing and inventory control. Additional features available: Label Printer, Bar-Code Readers, Automatic Reject, Alarms for Moisture/Weight, Trend Displays, and Moisture/Weight Statistics.

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