You Need Instant, Accurate Moisture Data . . .
For Your Entire Product

Only Forté systems measure 100% of your product - packages, bales or cartons. Your total production is measured and recorded. The Forté method is fast, simple and extremely accurate. A non-destructive, low power electro-magnetic field permeates your entire product without making contact. The Forté system instantly calculates, displays and records the true percent moisture and the maximum allowed commercial weight.

7 Ways Forté Can Increase Your Profits and Improve Quality
Improved Invoice Accuracy means billing the maximum weight allowed for each shipment.
Instant Results mean improved product quality and uniformity, fewer customer complaints.
Real-time Feedback reduces rejects and scrap and optimizes energy usage for dryers.
Automatic Operation reduces labor costs and frees skilled lab technicians for more productive tasks.
Management Information means immediate data for process control, billing and customer satisfaction. Improve your market share.
Mainframe Interface eliminates errors and omissions for more accurate invoicing and better inventory control.
Versatility means your Forté system can grow as you grow.
Forté computer systems can also print labels and bar-codes, and control inventory.
Commercial weight is based on moisture. Maximize your profits!
Contact Forté today!

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