Ultra-Flex Industrial Signal Cable

Forté Technology is pleased to introduce the new Ultra-Flex Signal Cable. Forté is constantly looking for ways to increase customer’s profitability. The most commonly purchased spare part for an 8000 Series Pulp System is the signal cable. Forté engineers studied all of the reasons the standard signal cable would fail over time. Each known failure point was examined and made more durable. Every component used on this new cable is more robust than the standard cable.

New Ultra-Flex Signal Cable
Standard Signal Cable
  • Tested by cable manufacturer to 20 million flex cycles
  • One time bend radius of 2.28”
  • Flexing bend radius 3.8”
  • Excellent resistance to oil
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Strain relief
  • Acrylic fiberglass sleeve around cable
    Extremely flexible
    Excellent abrasion resistance
    Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
  • Not tested for flex cycles by cable manufacturer
  • One time bend radius of 3.6”
  • Flexing bend radius not rated
  • Resistant to oil
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • No strain relief
  • PVC fiberglass sleeve around cable
    Suitable for flexing
    Resists fraying and knotting

This new Ultra-Flex Industrial Signal Cable will not only decrease the time spent to replace the cable, but will also decrease the time spent trouble shooting problems a worn signal cable can cause.   The new Ultra-Flex Signal Cable can replace the Standard Signal Cable without any other modifications.  The part number to order the new Ultra-Flex Signal Cable is 50-1300.

Updates Available for all Older Systems

Are you still using technology from more than 15 years ago?  If you do not have a Windows based system, it is time to update.  Computer technology is the fastest changing industry in the world.  Contact a Forté engineer today to see all of the new features available.
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Service Visit and Training

When is the last time anyone did any preventative maintenance on the Forté system?  Would you rather have the system examined during a planned shutdown or stop working in the middle of production? Are there multiple people within your facility that know how to trouble shoot the Forté system?   Contact a Forté engineer today to schedule a service visit and/or some training.
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